Discover your ancestors!

Discover your ancestors!

Discover your ancestors!Discover your ancestors!Discover your ancestors!

Do you have ancestors with the last name of Bach or Back,

who came from southeastern Kentucky?

Do you have ancestors with the last name of Back, Beck, or Peck,

who came from southwestern Virginia?

If so, then you need a copy of this new genealogy book!

You will be amazed at the information it contains!

About the book...


15 generations

Over 2,000 names


This book documents 15 generations of this family, from the 1500's in Germany, down to the 1900's in America.



Over 2,000 names


The genealogical research in this book was reviewed by two Board-Certified Genealogists, who both confirmed that it is accurate.


Over 2,000 names

Over 2,000 names

Over 2,000 names

This book contains over 2,000 names. The Index will locate the person you know about, showing you the link to all your ancestors.


Get the book today!

Genealogy of the Bach (Back) Family from Southeastern Kentucky and Southwestern Virginia

by Dr. William H. Bach

Published by Books Books USA

ISBN #978-0989168779

$29.95 plus $5.00 shipping and handling.

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By the way...


Yes, it's true!

Johann Sebastian Bach is actually a member of this family!  Find out the exact connection, in this book!

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